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RCSA-V : Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate – Visibility (RCSA-V)

RCSA-W : Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate – WAN Optimization

RCSP : Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional

RCSP-NPM : Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional – Network Performance Management (RCSP-NPM)

101-01 : Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate - WAN Optimization

199-01 : Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional

201-01 : Riverbed Certified Solutions Associate - Network Performance Management

299-01 : Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional - Network Performance Management

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Hello ,
Google cancelled a recent purchase from your store.
Reason: Other (describe below)
Please do not process or ship this order. Below is the summary of the
Order date: Dec 28, 2012 6:09 AM PST
Google order number: 865378071627855 - Pass4sure Corp.
Order #12999763169054705758.1362836113929852 Shipping Status Qty Item
Price Cancelled Items 1 Pass4sure - Prepare for IT-certification while
you're on the go. £9.99 Tax : £0.00 Total : £9.99 Order cancelled
Need help? Visit the Google Checkout help center. Please do not reply
to this message.
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I bought the VCE application on AppStore and wonder if I can get a free installation on my PC as well or reduced price?
I can send you the invoice from AppStore if you would like...
Thanks in Advance!
Best regards,
Magnus Bosson
Hello Magnus,
Because each of our applications is sold through a separate app store, they each require a separate license. To use Pass4sure Suite for Windows, you will have to purchase it even if you have already purchased Pass4sure for Android or iOS. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.
Pass4sure Support
I had a iPhone for 28 day and I bout your app but I ended up returning the phone cause I dint like it and got the Note 2 and I don't want to pay another 14.99 to get the app I already bout. How do I get it.
Hello David,
Please request a refund from Apple through their iTunes support link:
They should issue the refund, and you can then purchase Pass4sure for Android through Google Play.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.
Pass4sure Support
back in May 2011 I have purchased the Pass4sure for android.
Order date: 09 May 2011 13:45:00 PDT
Google Order Number: 634726807581793
I used the app for months until my phone stopped working. Now I have a new android phone and I am trying to reinstall the Pass4sure app which I am able to find on my Google Play account (it is even displayed as purchased) but download always end with an error.
Please help, thanks
Many Thanks for the quick response and resolution. I'll buy the app monday.
Hello Emiliano,
We made some changes to our account with Google Play, and
unfortunately a lot of customer data is no longer linked to our
account. We have contacted Google about this problem. Although
upgrades for our app are always free to previous customers, it seems
that there is no way for customers using versions of our app older
than 3.3 to upgrade using the normal process. This is no problem for
you, however, because we can just refund your previous purchase, which
would allow you to then repurchase the app.
I have processed the refund, and you should now see the funds available
in your Google Wallet account. Feel free to purchase the updated
version of Pass4sure at your convenience.
Pass4sure Support

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