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I purchased the iphone app a while ago. The version you have listed on your web site as the latest version is 4.5.3 The version on my iphone is Pass4sure for iphone v1.4. Why didn't mine upgrade to the latest version?
Hello Anthony,
I apologize for the inconvenience. When we replaced the old versions of our apps for iPhone and iPad with a single iOS app, the Apple app store stopped recognizing customers who purchased the old version of our apps as being eligible for a free update. Please request a refund or a promo code from Apple through their iTunes support link:
They should issue the refund or promo code to you, and you can then download the latest version of our app.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.
Pass4sure Support
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Hello ,
Google cancelled a recent purchase from your store.
Reason: Customer request to cancel
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Order date: Dec 31, 2012 5:02 AM PST
Google order number: 923709862455813 - Pass4sure Corp.
Order #12999763169054705758.1302063775121940 Shipping Status Qty Item
Price Cancelled Items 1 Pass4sure - Bereiten Sie sich auf Ihre
IT-Prüfungen unterwegs vor. €11.99 Tax : €0.00 Total : €11.99 Order
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Thank you for letting me know. Currently, I am aware of 5 systems making use of the software.
I want to find out what happens if my pc is formatted. Do I lose the license permanently?
Thank you for your time
Chinedu Ogenyi
On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 10:43 PM EST Pass4sure Support wrote:
Hello Ezra,
Thanks for replying. The reason i asked the question about formatting a Personal Computer is because The 2 users OLA-HP Ola and OVIN PASTOR are one and the same person. He told me yesterday that he formatted his Laptop and lost both the software and key. Also i want to find out if its possible for you guys to track every PC by their Mac Address instead of Name because it appears he renamed his laptop.
Thank you for your time
Best regards
Chinedu F. Ogenyi
Hi Ezra,
Hope you are well. I want to find out if I can use one of the 5 extra licenses you added to activate VCE suite on my Android device. Thank you
I decided to move my hard disk from my former laptop which crashed 2 days ago to another laptop. After moving it, my VCE software went into Trial Mode. I am aware that the current license is been used by the Laptop names found below. I was also told by Ezra that i have been given 5 extra activations to my License because i am using it for personal use [#PCR-348-55661]. I want to find out if activating it again in the new computer will affect my License in any way.
Thank you
Chinedu Ogenyi
Hello Franklin,
Your license has been activated by the following computers and users:
ADEMOLA-PC Ademola 1
ADEWALE-HP Adewale 1
NONSO-PC Nonso 1
OLA-HP Ola 1
Per the terms of the license agreement, a license may only be
activated on up to 5 computers. Because you appear to be using the
software for personal purposes, however, we have added 5 more
activations to your license. If you should need even more activations
in the future, please note that you will have to purchase additional
copies of the license.
Once you register Pass4sure Suite, our system will record that
registration and it will count against the total registrations allowed
by your license. We have implemented a new feature that allows for
manually "unregistering". You can do this from Manager by clicking the
Help menu, then "About Pass4sure Manager", and then clicking
"Unregister". Furthermore, after 6-12 months, our system stops
counting old registrations against your total, and they automatically
become available to you again.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.
Pass4sure Support
We do not track license activations by MAC address.
As long as you unregister in the way that I described previously, your old activations will not be counted against the total allowed by your license.
Pass4sure Support
My new key is getting error "the entered registration code is invalid,
please enter a valid registration code". I just purchased it this
morning. Can this be resolved today?
order reference number is: 40178332
Thank you!
Hello Amy,
The latest version of Pass4sure Suite can be downloaded here:
After installation, run the Manager component, click the Help menu, and then click "Register..." to begin the registration process.
Make sure to enter your registration code exactly as I have pasted it below. Your registration code is:
Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.
Pass4sure Support

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