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CompTIA A+ Exams Included:

CompTIA 220-801 Exam
  • Questions & Answers
  • Study Guide
  • Audio Exam
  • Preparation Labs



CompTIA 220-802 Exam
  • Questions & Answers
  • Preparation Labs
  • Study Guide
  • Audio Exam



CompTIA A+ Exams

220-801 - CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

220-802 - CompTIA A+ Certification Exam (220-802)

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The huge collection of questions bothered me. The night before the exam commencement was an important night for me .I just eyed through the chapters. From the beginning I never skipped from my study. I am telling something regarding pass4sure's Study guide. The all credit of my passing in the exam goes to pass4sure's Study guide. For my CompTIA A+ certification, I did not think more. Because in every class tests I performed well. I could answer 89 questions in my final exam.
Ricky Ponting
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Computer power specifications and connector types topic was not easy to explain. I took help- from pass4sure's Study guide for the appropriate explanation. It worked wonderful. My assignment on that topic was also satisfactory. I got my confidence from class tests. I was aware in every steps of my exam preparation for the CompTIA A+ certification. I want to thank all who assisted me during my exam. I am glad to inform you that I have passed the: 220-801, 220-802 exams in my first attempts.
Amit Mokharjee
Delhi, India.

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I did not emphasize on the TCP/IP topic, as it was familiar to me .I delivered my speech on that topic. My family members always inspired me to gift them a good out come. I tried my level best to keep my commitment and it was CompTIA A+ certification. I was in front of my table more than 15 hours. pass4sure's dumps assisted me. After 201 days preparation I went to my exam hall. I delivered prominent answers in the script.
Dhaka, Bangladesh

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To be an IT engineer was my dream. I tackled all the obstacles during my walk to the path of success. Here, I am disclosing the importance of CompTIA A+ certification. This certification is the measurement of skill in different areas of information technology. I was ready to keep my pace on those areas. Network ports, their protocols and purposes were important topic for the CompTIA A+ certification. In order to pass the certification exam I took assistance from pass4sure's dumps.
Ramnareh Sarwan
Missouri, USA

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I had to maintain my office for my living. I worked 12 hours daily. I was not detaching from my study as it is the foundation of a bright future. I was serious about my study. I never thought to ignore any materials for a good preparation. CompTIA A+ certification is a valuable certification.
pass4sure's question and answer provided me strength. I was able to appear the 220-801, 220-802 exams. I managed 88 questions and scored 799 marks.
Colombo, Srilanka.

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CompTIA A+ guide by Meyers, is an incredible book. It is very effective for a perfect preparation. I attended my 220-801, 220-802 exam, last week. I felt relaxed when I completed those exams. Those exams were basement of the CompTIA A+ certification. pass4sure's question and answer was my strength. I could mange 87 questions in 220-801 exams and 85 questions in 220-802 exams. My score was also satisfactory. At last, I found my destination and it was cracking the CompTIA A+ certification.
Porto-Novo, Benin

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I searched for practical references in order to gather knowledge as well make a better performance in the exam CompTIA A+ Certification For Dummies by Clarke was able to fulfill my demand. It provided me simple but precious knowledge. pass4sure's study guide also spread his helpful hands. I could not past in 220-801 exam in my first attempt but passed the 220-802 exam at first chance. I passed my CompTIA A+ Certification and my parents were delighted for my success.
Chrys Paul,
Manila, Philippians

Measure the proficiencyCustomer Opinions

Cramming is a bad habit and I do not like this. Actually, I like to understand the question and gather sufficient information for that question. Then, I try to write in my own way. I applied this strategy during my 220-801, 220-802 exams and found out my proficiencies. I deserved the ability to crack the CompTIA A+ Certification. For this purpose, I was not afraid of my exam. pass4sure's dumps was followed by me. I attended the exam with a great hope and finally scored more than 700 marks in each exam.
Damask, Syria

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I am working in auditing sector. I heard that CompTIA A+ Certification ensures a good future. IT arenas. I was eager to work on IT management sectors. I decided to participate 220-801, 220-802 exams in order to achieve the CompTIA A+ Certification. For those exams, I prepared myself. It was difficult to keep pace on the ground without pass4sure's dumps. This material
Emphasized on referring broad statement for each question. I managed more than 70 questions in the exam.
Salman Butt
Sussex, England

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We, all the candidates of 6th batch made a team. I was the supervisor of that team. The perspective of this team was to accelerate the preparation for 220-801, 220-802 exams. When we found any problem, we discussed about it and tried to find out the proper solution. Our focus was on the CompTIA A+ Certification. 80% of the team members chose the pass4sure's question and answer. Rests were ready to follow other guide. I was able to manage 820 marks.
Birmingham, UK