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CIW Associate : Certified Internet Web Associate

CIW Certification : CIW Certification Exams

CIW Certified Instructor : CIW Certified Instructor Exams

CIW E-Commerce Specialist : CIW E-Commerce Specialist

CIW Internet Business Associate : CIW Internet Business Associate Certification Exam

CIW JavaScript Specialist : CIW JavaScript Specialist

CIW Network Technology Associate : CIW Network Technology Associate Certification

CIW Security Analyst : CIW Security Analyst Exams

CIW Site Development Associate : CIW Site Development Associate Certification

CIW Web Design Specialist : CIW Web Design Specialist

CIW Web Foundations Associate : CIW Web Foundations Associate Certification

Master CIW Admin : Master CIW Admin Exams

Master CIW Designer Certification and Training : Master CIW Designer

Master CIW Enterprise Developer : Master CIW Enterprise Developer Exams

Web Design Professional : CIW Web Design Professional Certification

1D0-410 : CIW Foundations Exam


1D0-425 : CIW E-Commerce Designer

1D0-430 : CIW Application Developer

1D0-435 : JavaScript Fundamentals exam

1D0-437 : CIW Perl Fundamentals

1D0-441 : CIW Database Specialist

1D0-442 : CIW Enterprise Specialist

1D0-450 : CIW Server Administrator

1D0-460 : CIW Internetworking Professional

1D0-470 : CIW Security Professional

1D0-510 : CIW v5 Foundations Exam

1D0-51B : CIW v5 Foundations SDF Module

1D0-520 : CIW v5 Site Designer

1D0-525 : CIW E-Commerce Designer V5


1D0-538 : Object Oriented Analysis and Design Test (JCERT)

1D0-541 : CIW v5 Database Design Specialist

1D0-570 : CIW v5 Security Professional Exam

1D0-571 : CIW v5 Security Essentials

1D0-610 : CIW Web Foundations Associate

1D0-61A : CIW Internet Business Associate Exam

1D0-61B : CIW Site Development Associate

1D0-61C : CIW Network Technology Associate Exam

1D0-635 : CIW JavaScript Specialist

LPC-201 : LP Certified Exam

Hi Team, any idea why i can not use this my new licence on my Android phone?
best regards
Dne 16. prosince 2012 17:41 Pass4sure / Pass4sure
Hello Tomas,
Because each of our applications is sold through a separate app store,
they each require a separate license. To use the Android version of VCE
Mobile, you will have to purchase it even if you have already
purchased Pass4sure for iOS or Pass4sure Suite for Windows.
I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
Please let us know if you have any further questions or comments.
Pass4sure Support
My name is Rodrigo Arias and I'm with Amazon EU Mobile Initiatives team.
I wanted to contact you with regards to Pass4sure apps and talk about distributing them through Amazon.
Looking forward to hearing back from you.
I'm running a test in Pass4sure for Android and get the message "Pass4sure Stopped". The Test contains 505 question. I get the error when switching from questin 207 to 208. Can you help me?
Regards Stefan
Hello Stefan,
I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble completing an exam. This is a problem that occurs on some devices when memory is running low. We are working hard on resolving this issue, and we appreciate your patience during this time.
For now, try taking exams with fewer questions selected. For example, if you had 70 questions selected when the program crashed or would not open a new exam, then try starting with 50. If the program crashes or will not open an exam, go to your device settings
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Please do not process or ship this order. Below is the summary of the
Order date: Dec 18, 2012 5:52 AM PST
Google order number: 942937452544154 - Pass4sure Corp.
Order #12999763169054705758.1313399979998904 Shipping Status Qty Item
Price Cancelled Items 1 Pass4sure - Prepare for IT-certification while
you're on the go. $14.99 Tax : $0.00 Total : $14.99 Order cancelled
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to this message.
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