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MRP : Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Routing Professional

4A0-100 : Alcatel-Lucent Scalable IP Networks

4A0-101 : Alcatel-Lucent Interior Routing Protocols and High Availability

4A0-102 : Alcatel-Lucent Border Gateway Protocol

4A0-103 : Alcatel-Lucent Multi Protocol Label Switching

4A0-104 : Alcatel-Lucent Services Architecture

4A0-105 : Alcatel-Lucent Virtual Private LAN Services

4A0-106 : Alcatel-Lucent Virtual Private Routed Networks

4A0-107 : Alcatel-Lucent Quality of Service

4A0-108 : Alcatel-Lucent Multicast Protocols

4A0-109 : Alcatel-Lucent Triple Play Services

4A0-110 : Alcatel-Lucent Advanced Troubleshooting

4A0-M02 : Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Gateways for the LTE Evolved Packet Core

My name is Nelson and i purchased a 5x license for this software.Why
is my license suspended? I have only used it on my laptop and my
desktop, meaning only 2 machines. I did install on my desktop like 3
times because my os kept crashing, so after every crash. I would just
swipe the hard drive, doing a clean install. so technically i only
installed it on 2 machines. I have it for 5 machines. dont i? I
finally figured out why my OS kept crashing, so now i need to
reinstall making this the third time like i mentioned before. I need
to get studying please help.
Product: Pass4sure Suite Personal License
Licensed To: Nelson Arellano []
Quantity: 1
Oh wow!! Thanks you guys rock!!
I forgot the License key. Please send the License key. so that i can get the questions of EMC actualtests.
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